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May 8, 2020

Blueberry Bunch Farm


After spending many many weeks at home, we ventured out to the Blueberry Bunch Farm! So honest moment, I didn’t even know blueberries grew in Florida! Some family members of mine saw this UPick blueberry farm on Facebook and shared the info with us!

Since Eva is obsessed with blueberries and loves outdoor adventures, we thought this would be perfect for some family time! 

We made the drive to Labelle (its so beautiful out there!) and found the cute farm. Even though the parking lot was full, we felt like we had the groves all to our self! There were so many rows of plump blueberries. It was such a beautiful and peaceful environment!

Before we started picking blueberries, I told Evalyn over and over we can pick them, but we can’t eat them yet. And y’all, she did so good! I was worried she would just eat everything off the bushes and make herself sick but she was such a good listener! Proud mama!

So now that we have POUNDS of blueberries, I need to look up some recipes! Josh has requested some blueberry scones (I’ve never made a scone in my life lol) but I’m looking forward to being creative in the kitchen with our fresh blueberries! If you have any favorite blueberry recipes, please share! 

Visit Blueberry Bunch Farms Facebook Page for more information!

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