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June 11, 2020

Alexis & AJ | North Jetty Park Engagement


Meet Alexis and AJ!

Josh and I have determined that there needs to be a Hallmark movie made after their love story! Really, it’s movie perfect! These two had mutual friends and after they finally met, their sweet friendship grew deeper with time. They both really liked each other but no big move was made until they were at a Valentines Day brunch. Just as Alexis was taking a sip of her drink AJ introduced her to someone as “my girlfriend”. She slightly spit her drink and smiled knowing they were officially “official”. 

So let me tell you about this perfect engagement shoot. Our couple picked beautiful North Jetty Park for their location. Still being new to the area, Josh and I have never been out there before, but it definitely won’t be our last! Not only is the beach gorgeous, there are trees and little garden areas all around North Jetty Park. The waves crashing into the giant rocks on the jetty really is picture perfect. Listen to this, there are actually waves large enough for people to surf on! This totally blew my mind, I didn’t think that existed on the gulf.

If you are somewhere around Florida, you know there has been tons of rain because of the tropical storm that was out in the gulf. Well, we were super nervous about this shoot because its has been doing nothing but rain and the weather app wasn’t promising! This couple was so sweet and flexible. We decided to move our start time up a couple hours and pray the weather would hold off. It was literally pouring before we started pictures and the moment we were done and walking back to our cars the sky began to open back up! We ended up having perfect dry weather with a cool breeze that picked up Alexis’ perfect dress and made it fly like you see in the movies! 

It was such a joy to meet and spend time with Alexis & AJ. We are counting down the days until their wedding in November! 

This stunning engagement ring was made specially for Alexis. The stones used to make up her ring are from AJ’s mom and her mom! The love behind the making of this ring is so incredibly sweet!

Towards the end of the shoot, Alexis and AJ opened their favorite bottle of champagne to enjoy as they sat on the beach and listened the sound of the crashing waves. They only drink Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose’ on very special occasions, and this sure was one! 

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My husband and second shooter, Josh, and I adore traveling, spending days at Disney with our two kids, and capturing your love story in joyful, timeless images. 

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