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July 28, 2020

Whitley & Andre | Covington Farm Elopement

Hey friends! Can we all agree this has been quite a year! This has not been the 2020 anyone had planned. Being in the wedding industry, I have seen so much change in a short amount of time. Really, my heart hurts for couples who are having to change dates and plans for their special day. But despite all the craziness, there are still many options for 2020 brides and grooms!

Today, I want to talk about one option many couples are taking during Covid-19. GETTING ELOPED! Now, most couples aren’t exactly running off and getting married without anyone knowing. However, some couples are simply choosing to keep their original wedding date and only inviting immediate family or a small few to witness this special event; a smaller, more intimate ceremony. Some even plan to celebrate with everyone and have a large reception in 2021 when things have calmed down and large venues open back up. What a great idea! If you are a 2020 couple and have your heart set on a special date and desire to be married to your best friend (let’s be honest, it’s all about the marriage and not the wedding anyway!) this is a great option to think about!

If you decide to have a more intimate ceremony or elopement, there are many advantages! Here a few that we heard from the #DGPcouple’s that eloped!

  • It’s a “Just Us” Experience – Elopements are very intimate. It can also leave room for more spontaneous moments and memories.
  • Freedom of Location – When eloping, you don’t need to worry about the number of guests so you can really pick any location your heart desires!
  • Saves Money – Talk with your vendors! Many (like myself) have discounted rates for elopements / intimate ceremonies and some are even running a special for 2020 Covid couples!
  • Less Stress – There isn’t as much to plan and worry about; its not a 8-10 hour wedding day! You can enjoy the simplicity of the day and focus on each other.
  • No Family Drama – There’s no pressure to invite anyone – Bye Karen!
  • Amazing Photos – Since there is no pressing timeline of the day, your photo opportunities are endless! Plus, if you picked an epic location, it will make your pictures that much more unique!

Elopements and intimate ceremonies are beautiful and special. Check out these photos and vendor list for some inspiration!

Vendor List:

Venue: Covington Farms
Suit & Dress: All Brides 2 Be
Hair & Makeup: Angela Dileone
Invitation Suite: The Moxie Shop
Cake: Monica Cakes
Florals: Coastal Luxe Floral
Table Top Rentals: Treasury Rentals

  1. Winter says:

    Wow!! These are amazing! Congratulations to the newlyweds

  2. Ashley says:

    Swooon!! I love how you captured their love!! So sweet and beautiful!

  3. Jordyn says:

    Elopments can be such a great option! My husband and I eloped when we got married back in 2016, and I love that they are becoming more of thing (I don’t love the circumstances, but I think some really neat things will come of all of this)

    I am so here for all the elopments and more intimate “micro-weddings” with (or even without) a reception later down the road. It makes the wedding day so much more relaxed and intimate.

    This couple is gorgeous by the way!

  4. Melissa says:


  5. Wendy says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Their love for one another is very evident in these images. Well done!

  6. Wendy says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Their love for one another is very evident in these images. Well done!

  7. Anastasia says:

    stunning website and i love these images. such a beautiful wedding and couple.

  8. Sara says:

    Great info on having a small wedding!

  9. Zinette says:

    O my gosh this is so gorgeous!! You captured and told the story so beautifully 🥰

  10. Covington Farm is such a gorgeous venue! These photos are absolutely stunning!!

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