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August 23, 2021

Top 5 Tips For Brides


When Josh and I were planning our own wedding, I quickly realized there are SO many things to think about and plan. Honestly, it can be a little overwhelming! All my #DGPbrides know, I love to help and talk through wedding details leading up to the big day. So I decided to put my top 5 tips for brides all in one place!

1. Make Time For Bride & Groom Portraits

I put this one first, because to me it is the most important! When creating your wedding day timeline, block out at least 15-20 minutes for couple pictures. Especially if you are not doing a first look! The math is simple… the more time you have for portraits, the more pictures you will have! It’s easy to start making a big list of all the photos you want with family members and friends but if you are not careful, you can leave the day with just a few pictures of you and your spouse! If you and your groom choose to do a “First Look” before the ceremony, you’ll leave your wedding with 40% more portraits of just the two of you. So if photos are a top priority, consider this option!  Otherwise, plan time after the ceremony for those romantic, “just married” pictures. 

2. De-clutter The Getting Ready Room

No one wants bright blue Aquafina bottles in the background as the put on their gorgeous wedding gown! One way to help keep the room tidy is get your girls each a bag (everyone loves a new beach bag!) or have them bring their own! Such a simple and easy way to keep track of all the curling irons, hangers and makeup bags! With a tidy room, you will be able to see and feel the fun and excitement in your pictures. Plus, everything is already put together so you’re not scrambling at the end of the night to pack up! Trust me, your photographer will love you for this!

3. Keep all the rings! Don’t give them to the best man.

This may seem strange and out of the ordinary at first, but it makes total sense!  A lot of photographers photograph the bridal details at the very beginning of the day and the rings are essential.  By keeping all the rings, there won’t be any stress about getting in touch with the best man (or whoever else you hand the rings to) to meet up and get the rings.  This will save a lot of time! Plan to keep all your jewelry in one place and have a bridesmaid show the photographer where they are so you won’t be bothered while getting your hair and make up done. When pictures are done, your photographer or bridesmaid can always bring the rings to the best man!

4. It’s OK if your dress gets dirty!

It won’t show in pictures, I promise!! So many Brides are worried about their dress getting dirty before they walk down the aisle, I totally get it!! No one wants to look like they just went hiking through the Rain Forrest before they get to the end of the aisle. When we take our couples out to do a “First Look” or any other portrait before the ceremony, we are super careful and aware of what the grounds are like. It is inevitable, that walking around on the ground will lead to some dirt on the bottom of the dress (mine was SO dirty by the end of the night at our wedding!) and it is OK! It does not show in pictures. So don’t worry, you will be beautiful and your dress will be gorgeous!

5. STOP and eat!

This may sound silly now, but it is easy to get wrapped up in talking to guests you don’t actually stop and eat that amazing cake you picked out! When Josh and I got married, we spent the whole time talking to everyone we didn’t get a chance to eat. Thankfully someone made us to-go plates with our dinner, but we were STARVING when we left the reception. So listen, press pause on everything else, and enjoy your first meal as husband and wife! You will be happy you did!

*Bonus Tip* Enjoy every moment. Enjoy the wedding planning and enjoy each sweet moment during your wedding day. Little hiccups may happen along the way, but that’s ok! At the end of the day, all that matters is you are marring your best friend.

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