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August 25, 2021

Including Your Dog On Your Wedding Day

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We get so excited when we see couples include their dog on their wedding day! If you have a pet you know they are part of the family! If you are inviting all family and friends to your wedding, why not include your sweet pup!

There are so may fun and creative ways to include your dog on your wedding day!

  • doggy greeter
  • furry escort
  • dog of honor
  • or just special guest during portrait time!

Here are 3 tips when including your dog on your wedding day:

1.Consider Hiring Wedding Day Pet Care

There are amazing pet care providers like Furry Ventures Pet Care and Fairy Tail Pet, that take all the responsibility of your pup on your wedding day. They are trained dog handlers that LOVE every pup they come encounter with! During the wedding day they will make sure your sweet pup is hydrated, goes on potty breaks, is fed and happy. This can take any pressure off you or another family member during the day and know your dog is in good hands!

2.Think About Your Leash.

You spent time coordinating your outfits and picking your colors, so make sure your leash doesn’t clash with the colors you’ve chosen.  If your outfits are more neutral in color and your dogs leash is hot pink, it will stick out like a sore thumb! Consider getting a more neutral colored leash (like black, tan or blue) to match your colors.

3. Confirm Your Venue Allows Dogs!

Before you sign any contract, check the policy of dogs on property! It would be just awful if your dog showed up on the wedding day and the venue wouldn’t allow them in. Make sure it is in writing somewhere so no one can give you a hard time later.

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