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October 6, 2019

Alex & Danielle

Meet Danielle and Alex! This sweet couple is so in love, it really melts your heart! Seeing them smile and giggle at each other is truly contagious. This photoshoot was a “just for fun” session. I mean come on, every one deserves beautiful couple pictures, am I right? I know I love it when I have a chance to capture new and updated pictures of my family! There’s no rule that you need to wait until the holiday season (although that’s when I’m usually scrambling to find a current picture!).

This photoshoot sure was a dream! Danielle and Alex chose one of my favorite Southwest Florida parks, Koreshan State Park. The lighting was absolutely perfect and the park was pretty empty. It felt like our own private island for this shoot! I love all the unique elements of this historic park. Two beautiful bridges, wide open fields, bamboo, Spanish moss (my fav!) and beautiful rustic homes. It doesn’t get much better than that!

These two are so photogenic and easy going, everything about this session felt so fun and natural. In between taking photos, I enjoyed hearing their love story and talking about their sweet pets! Anyone else a cat lover? 🙂 Danielle and Alex we just love ya’ll so much! I usually only post a few of my favorite from each session but BOY was it hard for this one! Every time I think I picked out my favorite and flip to the next picture I change my mind! So enjoy a “few” from this special session.

  1. if i asked my boyfriend to do a “just for fun” photo session, he would say absolutely not. such a beautiful location!

  2. Aww so sweet. Love all their smiles. Great job! No rules at all. 🙂

  3. sara says:

    great couples photos! what a beautiful location!

  4. Jen says:

    Gorgeous location!!! So pretty!!!!

  5. Mary Groesser says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful photos!

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