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May 10, 2021

Why You Need A Second Shooter


Hey Brides! I wanted to take some time and explain why I include a second shooter in all my wedding packages!

1. You can have different angles of the same moment. 
Two different photographers can get two different perspectives!

It’s usually pretty tricky to capture both the bride walking and the groom’s reaction. With a second shooter, I have freedom to focus solely on the groom and his priceless reaction, while my second shooter focuses on the beautiful bride! During first looks, we stand at two different angles to capture you walking towards your groom and solely on his reaction. During the first kiss, I will be front and center… but a second shooter can also get an up-close side angle at the same time. The options are endless, and can apply to every part of your day!

2. Two places at once.
Although sometimes I wish I could, I cannot be in two places at once! I usually start the day hanging out with the ladies and capturing their getting ready pictures and Josh (who’s usually my second shooter) will stay with the guys! Having a second shooter gives me the ability to have pictures of two different things going on at the same time!

3. It allows for timeline flexibility on your wedding day.
Listen, I pride myself on being organized and following the wedding day timeline – but sometimes things just happen! Hair and makeup takes longer than expected, a groomsman was stuck in traffic, the list could go on. If something does run a little behind, a second photographer can help save SO much time! If time is tight, Josh and I will split up so he can capture the groomsmen pictures at the same time I capture pictures with the girls. Other times we may split up to capture the ceremony or reception site before guests arrive! It is so helpful!

4. Nothing is missed.
With two photographers, you don’t need to worry about something being missed! During the reception, you’ll always see at least one of us on the dance floor with you. During family formals I’ll be capturing your beautiful family while Josh is capturing the little flower girls twirling in their dress. Even down to the details of a piece of hair being out of place or a phone left in someones front pocket. A second set of eyes will help catch the details!

Thanks for reading & happy wedding planning! 🙂

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